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Welcome to my projects site, where I have stuff about my free/libre software projects, some poems, and other stuff.
Send emails to ron@noisytoot.org, you can get my GnuPG public key from keys.openpgp.org, the fingerprint is 61C528F61F2CFADA9526A45B1D43EF4F4492268B
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Smug Pug in Mug 3

published on
The mug Was fug, The pug Was smug And the jug Was fug. The pug said "I am smug", The mug said "I am fug" And the jug said "I am also fug". When the pug got transferred from the mug To the jug The pug became fug, The jug became smug, And the mug became smug. The pug said "I am fug", The mug said "I am smug" Read More...

Smug Pug in Mug 2

published on
The smug pug Who was in the mug Said "I am smug" Then the pug said "I am in the mug" The pug was transferred from the Mug to the jug And the pug Was fug And in a jug The pug said "I am fug" And then said "I am in a jug". The bug In the rug Said "I am a bug" Then also said "I am in a rug" Read More...

New Newt

published on
I knew A new Newt Who liked to hoot


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