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Welcome to my projects site, where I have stuff about my free, libre, and open source software projects, some poems, and other stuff.
Send emails to noisytoot@gmail.com, you can get my GnuPG public key from keys.openpgp.org, the fingerprint is 61C528F61F2CFADA9526A45B1D43EF4F4492268B
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The Cat Sat on the Mat

published on
The cat Sat On the mat With the rat And the bat Who had a hat And was called Nat And was also very fat

The Ox and the Fox

published on
The ox and the fox Were sitting on the rocks They found a box of socks They had a lot of locks

Primera Air Is Not a Bear 🐻

published on
Primera Air is not a bear 🐻 It flies through the air As if without a care And yet they do care Though not enough To plan adequate water supplies


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